UniPayDirectTM is our internet based payment service. It is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to collect nearly every type of payment online, while reducing operational costs.


UniPayDirect was designed to speed collections through a secure, online, user-friendly application. UniPayDirect is operated through a trusted, well-established bank – UniBank – not an outsourced vendor. Both you and your residents will be protected by the same state-of-the-art transaction encryption methods used by UniBank for all its data processing applications.

UniPayDirect may increase efficiency and revenue:

  • Fast collection and remittance to your bank account means more income for your municipality.
  • Provides 24/7 online payment convenience to your residents.
  • Routing and bank account number verification means fewer returns.
  • Fast file updates and easy balance reconciliation saves work for your staff.
  • Fewer returns means less manual intervention.
  • Real-time reporting capabilities focus your attention on what is important to you.
    Search function saves research time.
  • Flexible lockbox download capabilities.
  • Customizable options to meet the specific payment needs of your municipality.
  • Multiple bills can be paid at one time from one shopping cart.
  • Easy-to-use payment screens save time.
  • Combine with other products to further enhance cash flow and streamline operations.

How It Works

UniPayDirect is comprised of two components:

Administration Center

The Administration Center is used by your customers who access it through a secure web login.  Functionality within the Administration Center includes:

  • Importing and managing upload files,
  • Researching payments made,
  • Viewing reports that cover transaction detail, chargeback information, and monetary posting of payments, and
  • Exporting and downloading electronic lockbox files that can be used to post payments in their accounts receivable software.

Payment Center

The Payment Center is used by the end users of the system and is web-based.  The Payment Center allows end users a secure way to submit payments online and over-the-counter via ACH or credit/debit cards.  Payments can be made through a one-time payment method that does not require end users to log into the system or payments can be made when the user becomes a registered member. Membership requires end users to securely log into the system.  Benefits of membership include:

  • Scheduled payments manager
  • Saving of bank account information for faster checkout
  • Email reminders based on end user’s preferences
  • Payment history manager
  • Electronic bill presentment manager