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Service Guarantee

Customers have more options today than ever before…That is why we are determined to earn your trust and keep you loyal.

We know that customer loyalty is the secret to our success.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer support that will meet expectations and even motivate you to spread the word.  It is due to the allegiance of our dedicated customers that we have experienced such tremendous success and the reason we continue to expand our marketplace.

Our customer service policy is rooted in the following fundamental practices:

  1. We answer the phone.

    We have a full-time dedicated staff ready and able to assist with all aspects of the system application from technical difficulties to administrative issues.  We consider telephone time an opportunity to build rapport with our customers.

  2. We treat our customers the way we are treated within the UniPay, Inc. organization.

    There is a mutual respect throughout our company that extends from management to support associates both horizontally and vertically.  We display the same respect to our customers through honest, courteous, and serious dialogue from beginning to resolution.  It is never our intention to be right but rather to ensure that our customer feels validated and satisfied with the outcome.

  3. We are committed to provide the highest level of service.

    Our parent company, UniBank, is a community bank that has been serving MA for over 153 years. We put our experience and dedication to customer service to work for you every day. This encompasses all aspects of our UniPay system including reliability and accuracy.  We strive to ensure that our system is available to our customers and their constituents and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In the event of a system or vendor error we guarantee it will be resolved as quickly as possible.

  4. We serve with gratitude.

    Our sincere appreciation is our driving force.  We promise that the customer service experience will convey that we are grateful for the opportunity to serve.