Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed below, please email or call (877) 277-1157 for assistance. 

Yes, UniPay prides itself in the level of Customer Service that our team provides to both our customers and yours. From day one of using UniPay, we will personally be there to assist you with the setup of your account and provide recommendations based on the conversations we will have. Once your account is live and accepting payments, you can still count on our full staff, who is specifically devoted to assisting our UniPay customers, to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, the same level of support we give to you and your organization is extended to the end users of UniPay. Our Customer Service team’s email address and toll-free phone number are available to them throughout the entire payment process.

UniPay Customer Service Contact Information:


Phone: (877) 277-1157 Option 2

The number one benefit that UniPay brings your customer is convenience. UniPay is available 24/7, so customers can submit their payment at any time whether that is during normal business hours or at midnight when they remember they need to pay you.

Another benefit is that customers are not required to login to the system. Your customers can access the system and proceed with a one-time payment without needing to remember a username or password. However, if your customer does choose to complete the payment as a registered user, they will be able to access these additional benefits:

  • Setup of recurring payments
  • Receive email or text payments when they have a bill available for payment
  • Send themselves a payment reminder
  • Save payment information for future use
  • View past payment history

Additionally, customers are able to access UniPay from any device, whether their mobile device or their desktop computer, thanks to the responsive design of UniPay’s system.

Municipal, business, and nonprofit organizations are required to have one checking account at UniBank for the payments to deposit into. If you are interested in using additional accounts or services beyond that, we would be happy to share our offerings.

End users of UniPay do not need to have an account with UniBank to make payments. 

The UniPay Admin Portal is separate from UniBank's Online Banking.  This allows any of your staff to access the payment details for posting and research without having access to your organization's bank accounts.  A bank reconciliation report that will assist with identifying when to expect each deposit in your bank account, but the two websites are not linked.
UniPay can accept an ACH payment (electronic check) and all major credit and debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
Once your UniPay setup is complete, we will provide you with a URL and QR code to your own personalized UniPay Payment Page. This link/QR code can be placed on your own website, social media pages, or any invoices/statements you send out whether through physical mailing or an email distribution. The link/QR code will direct customers to your personalized payment page. Customized electronic marketing kits are available to help share UniPay with your customers.
Every payment setup we do is unique, and your payment setup can range from as simple or as sophisticated as you would like. We will work with you individually to determine the best way to collect your customer’s payment information.
There are multiple options available to alert your organization of payment activity including real-time emails, daily notifications, or a variety of on-demand reports and files within the UniPay Admin Portal.