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UniPay is our internet-based payment service. It is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to collect nearly every payment online, while reducing operational costs.

UniPay by UniBank makes it easy for your financial institution to collect payments and fees securely online:

What can UniPay do for my financial institution?

• Accelerated collections
• Customizable
• Integration capabilities
• On-demand reporting
• State-of-the-art data encryption

What can UniPay do for my customers/members?

• 24/7 payment convenience
• Make recurring or one-time payments
• Multiple bills can be paid at once
• View payment history
• Securely save information for added convenience

How It Works

UniPay is comprised of two components:

The Administration Portal is used by your customers who access it through a secure web login.

Functionality within the Administration Portal includes:

  • Importing and managing upload files,
  • Researching payments made,
  • Viewing reports that cover transaction detail, chargeback information, and monetary posting of payments, and
  • Exporting and downloading electronic lockbox files that can be used to post payments in their accounts receivable software.
The Payment Center is used by the end users and is web-based.  The Payment Center provides end users with a secure way to submit payments online and over-the-counter via ACH or credit/debit cards.  Payments can be made through a one-time payment method that does not require users to log into the system or payments can be made when a user becomes a registered member. Membership requires the user to securely log into the system.

Benefits of membership include:
  • Scheduled payments manager
  • Saving of bank account information for faster checkout
  • Email/text reminders based on end user’s preferences
  • Payment history manager
  • Electronic bill presentment manager