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Are you looking for a way to build deposits and lower your costs of funds? Do you want to deepen existing customer relationships and expand your footprint outside of your branch network? UniPayDirectTM can help.

The UniPayDirect Partner Program, offered through UniPayDirect, Inc., a subsidiary of UniBank, provides all of the tools you’ll need to differentiate your bank in the marketplace by making our online payment processing solution your own. It will become an addition to your product line that you may offer to your municipal, business, and non-profit customers. Your customers will in turn offer it as a payment remittance option to their customers, providing them the ability to make payments on a variety of bills and obligations including taxes, fees, and donations.

As a bank subsidiary, UniPayDirect, Inc. knows first-hand the importance and benefits of maintaining an edge over the competition. We are proud to say we have found our market niche in the UniPay Solution and it has played a significant role in helping us achieve the lowest cost of funds in comparison to any bank in Massachusetts. Through UniPayDirect, we can help community banks nationwide replicate the success of our parent company, UniBank. UniPayDirect can provide your bank with the pathway to increase revenues and create loyal steadfast customers well beyond your branch network.

Potential Benefits

  • New Revenue Stream
  • Deposit Growth
  • Lower Cost of Funds
  • Cross-selling Opportunities
  • Deeper Existing Customer Relationships
  • New Customer Opportunities
  • Industry Leader – New Product

How It Works

UniPayDirect is comprised of two components:
The Administration Center is used by your customers who access it through a secure web login.
Functionality within the Administration Center includes:
  • Importing and managing upload files,
  • Researching payments made,
  • Viewing reports that cover transaction detail, chargeback information, and monetary posting of payments, and
  • Exporting and downloading electronic lockbox files that can be used to post payments in their accounts receivable software.
The Payment Center is used by the end users of the system and is web-based. The Payment Center allows end users a secure way to submit payments online and over-the-counter via ACH or credit/debit cards. Payments can be made through a one-time payment method that does not require end users to log into the system or payments can be made when the user becomes a registered member. Membership requires end users to securely log into the system.
Benefits of membership include:
  • Scheduled payments manager
  • Saving of bank account information for faster checkout
  • Email/text reminders based on end user’s preferences
  • Payment history manager
  • Electronic bill presentment manager